NYMHCA Continuing Education Presenter Honoraria Information

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a presenter with NYMHCA’s Continuing Education Program! We value your expertise and experience and hope that presenting for NYMHCA will be a pleasant experience.

Please know what being a CEU workshop presenter can provide you with your own CEU’s toward the renewal of your license!

         •You can accrue up to 2 CEU's for preparing for your workshop and 1 CEU for presenting a 1- hour workshop.  

         •Doing this you can accrue up to 6 CEU’s for each license renewal period of 3 years!

         •NYMHCA will provide you with a document that includes the time you spent preparing for and giving your                          
                  workshop, to keep for your records. 

  Here is the list of honoraria to choose from.  Choose one of the following:

           - The presenter may decide to waive the honorarium as a way to support the work of NYMHCA.  A NYMHCA t-shirt 
                  we be sent as a thank you.

           - $75 for a 1- hour, in-person presentation or webinar 

           - A 50% discount on your NYMHCA membership for 1 year

           - A paid NYMHCA chapter membership for 2 years

           - 3 free NYMHCA CEU’s 

           - A 50% discount on NYMHCA Convention general fee or two free continental breakfasts during convention.

If as a NYMHCA presenter you arrange to travel to one of our regional chapters to present  your workshop, some travel  
expenses can be covered by NYMHCA if the trip is more than 50 miles. Possible expenses to be covered not to exceed $25:

           - Gas and tolls  

​A form will be sent to you after you present your workshop.  On the form you will be asked to choose your honorarium and list travel expenses.  Receipts will be needed to verify those expenses.